Everyone should have felt disappointed at least once in their life. If you haven't, you should be the happiest man in the world or you're just retarded. Probably the latter. Even the happiest man could feel sad and disappointed, say, when his mom died. But, if you are too retarded to even understand the concept of sadness and all, you probably feel happy every day. For most of normal people, whenever you feel disappointed, depressed, annoyed, or disturbed, you need a small rant to clear up your mind and release your stress. That is why I advocate you all to rant, whenever you like. Stop giving a crap about being "politically correct". Seriously, if there is anyone who claim that he or she thinks politically correct things only and speaks of politically correctness, please say to that person, "bring it on". Why so serious?

Although I just said that I urge you all to start ranting, I am not saying that you may rant in front of everyone else, especially verbally, because that is just being a dick. Let's face it; no one wants to hear about your disappointment and all. You say you are the saddest man in the world, but I'd say (probably in my mind), "who the fuck do you think you are?" I wouldn't say that out loud, because that makes you respond, "I don't give a quarter of shit about how other people think!" Well, I don't care whether you do give a shit or not about how other people think; I just don't want to hear your bullshit, thank you, now get out. "Then what should I do," you might ask. OK, look around. In the 21st century, where the blindingly wonderful technology of human race flourishes, there is a thing called fucking paper and a pencil. Write them down. You don't have say it out loud. You've got a horrible handwriting, so you can't even read what you have wrote 3 minutes ago? Well, if you want to use more modern technology, you've got a computer and a program called Microsoft Notepad. Write them down. Even I am writing this shit down so that you can actually start writing stuff down. I can list as many benefits of writing these down as you want. You don't have to think about hurting other's feelings. You can say whatever shit you want about your shitty friend, not considering what he or she might feel as long as he or she doesn't read the thing. This is the beauty of it. You can express your non-politically correct world in your mind with no problem. After all, what is political correctness? I see and hear people charging, witch-hunting, and public shaming others just because of thinking of politically incorrect things, apparently. I am not saying that being politically correct is wrong here. All must work hard to smooth themselves out to live well in this society and for this society to work well. That is just a fact that you have to endure as a person in a society. Being "PC" is smoothing yourself out. It is necessary for you to fit yourself in the society. But if you accuse everyone of being politically incorrect, you are the one who doesn't fit in this society. Causing fight over the idea that is meant to prevent fight. How wonderful is that?

There are so many lunatics out there. I'm no smartie, but I feel bad for the people who are just too crazy to obtain a thing called "common sense". Being an idiot is not equal to being a lunatic. There are many idiots who are actually sane (including myself, but it is still questionable whether I am sane or not). Their "lunatic-ness" varies in great scale. From minor lunatics who still thinks that dogs are superior to cats, to major clueless fucking lunatics who thinks that vaccination causes autism and the Earth is flat. I believe that people who claim that vaccination causes autism already have autism, and their symptom of autism is too great that they cannot read a word from articles that editors worked their asses off to simplify the papers of scientists for normal non-scientist readers. They cannot accept their autistic behaviour so they blame on something else, presumably, vaccination. They are not stupid, because their stupidity is beyond our perceptions.

I hate people saying things about what I do. I buy action figures, obviously because I love Hibiki. Every time I say I love Hibiki, people say "yes, sure you do" with 120% saturation rate of sarcasm. It is something beyond deeper than a feeling you can have with a character that you just find attractive. She indeed is the best woman I have ever seen in my life. It is more close to the feeling that you might have when you fall in love. That is why I say I love Hibiki, and I mean it—fuck you, I do whatever shit I want to do and I say whatever shit I want to say, there is nothing you can do about it. Is it cringy? I don't give a fuck.

I always admired the life in woods; there is no one judging me, there is no one sitting next to me (well, that sounds pretty bad now), there is no one telling me what I should do and all—there are woods and I. That is it. How wonderful is it? Running around like a crazy man and screaming to a deer and digging a hole that a snake has dug and abandoned and shout "who did that!"—it is the best thing.

This rant is full of random arguments and nonsense bullshits that came out of my mind. I don't want it to be more elaborate because, shit, I am not that smart to polish my writing style and stuff for something that is not meant to be judged by people. So, if you are judging me right now, you probably are, just keep your mouth shut and write about me and this rant on your rant. I will judge you—who knows if I'll write back a rant about you? Let your mind go crazy. I don't care you hate society, government, your friend, your pet, your mom, parents, whatever the fuck you want to write about because at last, no one will give one-tenth of a fuck about your rant. Judge me as long as you want. Block me. Unsubscribe me if you feel uncomfortable. I don't care. It is like getting to know people. You don't just sit there and be friends with everyone. You see what they do, and make friends who goes along well with you. So, if you are judging me so hard that you want to punch in my face, write about it on your rant and I will be happy to read it and give zero fuck about it.

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